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Fuel usage and fuel consumption monitoring
Fuel usage and fuel consumption monitoring:
  • prevents fraud of fuel;
  • prevents unauthorized use of fuel;
  • provides high-precision measurement of fuel level in a fuel tank;
  • gives detailed information about fuel tank fueling and draining;
  • gives detailed information about fuel consumption;
  • collects and stores information about fuel in tank for detailed analyzing;
  • gives detailed fuel usage history.
Mobile Objects Fuel Monitoring Stationary Objects Fuel Monitoring

Mobile objects "Passive" (Off-Line) Fuel monitoring



Mobile objects "Real Time" (On-Line) Remote Fuel monitoring



Stationary Objects Remote Fuel Monitoring


"Off-Line" (Passive)  Fuel Monitoring "On-Line" (Real Time) Remote Fuel Monitoring

module: GuardMagic mTF serie


module: GuardMagic VB serie


module: GuardMagic FSM serie

    GuardMagic fuel monitoring system in a full automatically mode, "day & night" collects and stores detailed information about fuel tank contents and fuel usage.   In general Fuel Monitoring System consist of the next three main components:
  • fuel level sensor (special analog or digital fuel level sensor);
  • special device for storing data or sending data from fuel level sensor (fuel data logger or special GSM controller);
  • Personal Computer with special fuel monitoring software for storing all data and analyzing it.
"Off-Line" (Passive)  Fuel Monitoring - most cost effective solution for vehicle fuel monitoring. Special vehicle fuel (and GPS) black box stores in its internal memory all information about fuel in a tank for detail analyzing.   "On-Line" (Real Time) Remote Fuel Monitoring - for mobile and stationary objects remote fuel monitoring. Special GSM modules (special GSM fuel controller) transmit the fuel information in a fuel tank to central station by GSM network.
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