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GuardMagic VB5
GuardMagic VB5 is a special tanker-truck GPS/ GSM-GPRS module dedicated to use on tanker-truck application. Module is intended for remote monitoring fuel level in compartments of fuel trailer (semi-trailer), remote supervision of tanker-truck movement, monitoring of tractor (track) fuel consumption and tanker-truck status. Module supports up to THREE regular fuel tanks and up to ELEVEN cargo tanks (cargo compartments). GuardMagic VB5 is a special module for the road fuel tanker application.(GuardMagic VB5 modules support GuardMagic universal communication protocol that's allow to have different GuardMagic modules with different functionality in one system).

GuardMagic VB5connection:
  • Main power supply (DC
  • Reserve external
  • GPS antenna-receiver (from complete set);
  • Ignition circuit;
  • Up to THREE fuel level sensors in regular tanks with digital industrial communication bus (RS-485);
  • Up to ELEVEN fuel level sensor in cargo fuel tank compartments (digital interface RS 485);
  • Up to SEVEN digital temperature sensors;
  • Driver identification reader;
  • "PANIC" (SOS) Button;
  • "EVENT" Button;
  • Car (Vehicle) alarm system;
  • "Engine Overheat" circuit (overheat sensor);
  • Crash sensor (one or
  • Regular fuel tank empty
  • Customer logical
  • Engine start blocking relay.
  GuardMagic VB5 provides to immediate transmitting or storing in internal non-volatile memory and posterior transmitting the following information:
  • GPS track of tanker-truck (geographical coordinates);
  • GPS parameters of movement (speed, time);
  • Fuel level in fuel cargo compartments (Fuel history up to ELEVEN tanks or compartments);
  • Fuel level in regular fuel tanks (Fuel history up to THREE tanks)*;
  • Data from temperature or humidity sensors (temperature history up to SEVEN sensors);
  • Active driver identification number (Driver ID)*;
  • Panic signal;
  • Engine overheat*;
  • Road accident*;
  • Car Alarm activation*;
  • Attempt to theft;
  • Engine status;
  • Fuel Tank Empty;
  • Status of external logical circuits (logical input, "Event Button").
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